How big is rat territory? How far do rats travel from their nest or for food?

If you are here today to learn about rats, how they live, what they feed on, and how big their territories are, then this is the right place for you without a doubt. For starters, you probably already know the fact that rats are everywhere in the world. There is no specific country or region that they are restricted to.

They are so many in number that at least every single person in the world has seen at least once a rat in their life. These little creatures can make their way into your house, office, and your apartments easily. They will trick you and confuse you into thinking if there is some rat hole in the walls that attracts them to you.

But it is true that just like skunks and other such creatures, even rats have their own territories. They do not have a specific habitat because wild rats live just like us humans. They literally reside in any place they get, and it can be subways, homes, sewers, garbage cans, and even farms.

Yes, the cold weather does affect them, which is why they prefer hiding instead of running here and there in the open. But most of the time, you will not see rats getting scared of entering your house and feeding on the leftovers that you leave in your kitchen. An average brown rat has a home that ranges from 25ft to 100ft from its nest.

Those that live near food, they have a shorter range but then there are some rats who have to travel hundreds of miles in search of food late at night when humans are inside their homes. The common brown rat loves to live in dirt burrows, which is why they make burrows all around like in sidewalks, porches, and even woodpiles.

As far as their feed is concerned, well, you probably already know this that rats eat literally anything they get. And the more they feed, the bigger they grow in size, which can be pretty scary. They eat about 10% of their body weight, which is a lot, and you will find them churring on the food in the garbage dump. Why? Because that is where they get all that amount of food from.

When it comes to traveling for food from their nest is concerned, each rat covers a distance of 100ft to 3000ft. However, their average travel range is 50ft, and just like what we said earlier, these little creatures prefer coming out at night if they are alone. If you see rats roaming around in the daytime, you should know that they are in a huge number and that they all are together, which is why you should be careful.

They even eat clothes if they do not find anything else from your house, so you have to be careful about it. From wrappers to leftovers to peels, clothes, paper, and even wood, they can eat anything to fill up their stomach.

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